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Our first bump into Story Cubes® was one year ago when one of our Spanish colleagues made us as a gift: nine dice with no numbers but pictures on its six faces. Immediately we have been attracted by them and we fell in love with this simple but powerful tool. We started to play with them the day after but we soon discovered that it was possible to use them in so many different ways and in so different interesting areas, that we decided to create the Rory’s Story Cubes®

Back to disruption.

Hello world. Super-happy to announce the birth of [Endor]. While the code-name is meant to change and so most of the features we have in mind at this very seminal time, the vision stays. And, once again, it is a vision of disruption. As the world changes faster and faster, challenging the needed competences, attitudes and even human identity itself, we believe the old training/education paradigms are definitely outdated. So here at Cocoon, we’re back to the hard and passionate job of disruption. Just as it happened when LiquidO was

Ready to play. Seriously.

It’s been a long while since the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Open WorkGroup (OWG) was born in Cocoon Projects. And this blog is today a beautiful chance to share our path with the world. In the meanwhile the OWG has become a Lab, Cocoon has grown-up, we’ve spread the LSP methodology over Italy and way beyond (only in March we’ve been bringing it to India and Romania), we’ve filled the social web with pictures of bricks from beautiful workshops of every kind. LSP is thus now trending, finally mainstream. And while

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