Back to disruption.

Hello world. Super-happy to announce the birth of [Endor]. While the code-name is meant to change and so most of the features we have in mind at this very seminal time, the vision stays. And, once again, it is a vision of disruption. As the world changes faster and faster, challenging the needed competences, attitudes and even human identity itself, we believe the old training/education paradigms are definitely outdated.

So here at Cocoon, we’re back to the hard and passionate job of disruption. Just as it happened when LiquidO was born, we’re now at work to propose something radically different to the world. And, just as we’ve used to do for open governance, we’re going to eat our own dog food once again, we’re going to be pragmatic, value-driven, iterative, curious, irreverent, and we’re going to think systemic, decentralized, human centered, and platform-like.

If you’re interested, follow this blog or even reach to us. In the meanwhile, here goes a short pitch-like presentation we’ve developed just to propose this Lab within Cocoon Projects. Enjoy.

Stelio Verzera

Value seeker, sea lover. Fostering #open culture and #lean thinking. #people #evolution #work #life #passion

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