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Emanuele Rapisarda

Steps to becoming Yous


We already told you about the birth of Yous (codename: Endor) Now, Yous is growing and it has just gone through the delicate phase of childhood. A phase in which the desire to discover, with a genuine sense of curiosity, is the standard. Just like children, we have faced the world without prejudices, ready to see, hear, feel, touch the reality of today. In fact, we went around Italy and Europe to ask to students, young professionals and experts in different fields what has characterized their growth as people and

Our first bump into Story Cubes® was one year ago when one of our Spanish colleagues made us as a gift: nine dice with no numbers but pictures on its six faces. Immediately we have been attracted by them and we fell in love with this simple but powerful tool. We started to play with them the day after but we soon discovered that it was possible to use them in so many different ways and in so different interesting areas, that we decided to create the Rory’s Story Cubes®