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Here we are with another amazing conversation about the CORE² tool! While on February we gathered online with another amazing group of professionals to share their point of view on the potential application of CORE², this time we wished to collect some first-hand stories from people who have experienced the tool. Their experience confirms us that the CORE² approach is useful to many different people: those who want to evolve and to be aligned with their identity, those who have lost the will and passion to grow, those who are

Today the traditional concept of work is changing rapidly and our relation with it is evolving as well. Identity and Reputation are today one of the biggest opportunities professionals have, because they represent a new “currency” and key asset. Reputation is a long process. You have to invest time and energy in it. You have to be coherent and constant. From these certainties the CORE² was born, a tool designed to support systematic work of professionals and organisations in the development of their operational reputation. The CORE² is an iterative