Ready to play. Seriously.

It’s been a long while since the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Open WorkGroup (OWG) was born in Cocoon Projects. And this blog is today a beautiful chance to share our path with the world. In the meanwhile the OWG has become a Lab, Cocoon has grown-up, we’ve spread the LSP methodology over Italy and way beyond (only in March we’ve been bringing it to India and Romania), we’ve filled the social web with pictures of bricks from beautiful workshops of every kind.

LSP is thus now trending, finally mainstream. And while many strange things sprout everywhere improperly calling themselves LSP, and also valuable facilitators grow in other serious organisations, we feel ourselves the responsibility and opportunity to keep bringing the best LSP to the world. Be it enterprises, startups, students, social innovation environments, and more, we keep practicing and practicing what we’ve learnt from the Association of Master Trainers. We keep advancing the frontier of how LSP can be coupled with other tools, and used in complex human systems. And, finally, we are almost ready to open a new chapter for Italy.

Important news are coming in the next weeks. So stay tuned and keep playing seriously!

Stelio Verzera

Value seeker, sea lover. Fostering #open culture and #lean thinking. #people #evolution #work #life #passion

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