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We already told you about the birth of Yous (codename: Endor)

Now, Yous is growing and it has just gone through the delicate phase of childhood. A phase in which the desire to discover, with a genuine sense of curiosity, is the standard.

Just like children, we have faced the world without prejudices, ready to see, hear, feel, touch the reality of today.

In fact, we went around Italy and Europe to ask to students, young professionals and experts in different fields what has characterized their growth as people and as professionals.

We learned a lot and, always keeping in mind the immense value of the uniqueness of each one, we identified some issues that seem to be dear to all our stakeholders. These considerations, such simple and obvious, are very powerful in the moment in which they become the basis for building something to release everyone’s full potential.

There is a sense of diffidence towards traditional institutions for training and education.

This is the first and most obvious discovery that we made. Let’s be honest, we thought it was so from the beginning, but when more and more people loudly shout of the failure of the educational systems in which they are (or have been), then it becomes more than just opinion, but it becomes emergency.

Every day we are wasting the creative potential of millions of people who take courses they already know will be soon forgotten, not finding applications in real life. And so many of them realize that they lost precious years of their lives, trapped in rigid, predefined and obsolete structures, unable to answer to the real needs of today people and society.

There is a system that decides how we should behave, with patterns that are in place since when we are young. If a person has a potential, why we should let it die? The educational system is backward, everything is changing. When you leave the university, everything has already changed.

Schools and universities do not prepare for life.

The concept of growth is meant both on the professional and the personal side

If the current educational systems do not work, this is due to multiple factors. Among all, what has emerged with greater strength is the inability to treat people development as an ongoing process that involves physical, mental and spiritual changes in an integrated way.

The people we talked to, in fact, told us that for them it is crucial to find an equilibrium between professional and personal life aspects. This goes beyond the concept of work/life balance and becomes need for work/life integration.

For this, the growth is felt as a phenomenon no longer delegable to institutions structured as blocks, but it is important to devise our growth path as a river that is enriched with thousands of tributaries along its course. Tributaries represent different experiences, able to keep constantly updating our technical and professional skills and, at the same time, let us bring that sense of fullness and happiness for the whole our existence.

I imagine not just one place, but a network. It is important to be able to integrate disciplines and areas that were not previously integrated/integrable.

Although I already got a degree and I’m finishing the specialization, I have not yet figured out what to do in my life.

Talking to people who have experienced and still experience needs related to their personal and professional growth has not only provided us an awareness of the lack of effective solutions, but it also allowed us to understand what are the things that might generate dynamics of greater value than current ones.

Valuable guidance needed

In a context where complexity has exploded, to think about a long-term plan for our growth has become a waste, when not a real damage. To predict in which direction you want to grow is a less and less possible task, because the variability of what surrounds us and our way of relating to this constant change is extremely high.

It then becomes essential to be able to use dynamic solutions, in continuing evolution. To do this, an element of great value seems to be to have a guide to help us in real time to understand where we are and what could be the next step to take: This supports that activity of continue sense making that can release the full potential of every experience in alignment with our uniqueness.

Having a range to choose from it is useful, to choose well is difficult without someone who guides us.

I feel today the need for a coach in my life path.

Digital training are considered not sufficient for a true pro/personal growth

Another interesting fact is the one linked to that solutions that are exclusively digital.

Videos, webinars, MOOCs, articles, and the whole family of online education has allowed an explosion of knowledge unprecedented. Access any type of information has become extremely simple.

The limit of all these important changes, however, is that you can access only to that kind of knowledge we call “explicit”, not allowing you to enjoy the inestimable value of that knowledge called “tacit”.

«Tacit knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it. Effective transfer of tacit knowledge generally requires extensive personal contact, regular interaction and trust.» (wikipedia)

For instance, the access to all videos and books on the topic of surgery will never allow you to be able to run a real surgery.

And that’s why our discovery showed the desire to gain access to experiences in the real world, where you can meet masters and you can be able to put into play, experimenting and learning by doing, ultimately acquiring mastery yourself.

I support the learning by doing, it is useful where there is no just theory. My goal is to exercise more and to have contact with those who practice. I have always given importance to concrete, tangible, direct human relationships, because they are the ones who gave me the most satisfaction. I need to communicate verbally and physically. In this I find myself more comfortable and it works best.

Online training are good for daily stimulation, but they can not replace the real experience.

Yous began to move its first steps, exploring the world around and understanding some fundamental dynamics. We all have the privilege to live its childhood, a stage where, you know, when you start to discover the world you can’t stop and you want to interact with it as much as possible.

The roads that we will cover are not marked on the map and we are ready to open new ones.

Stay tuned.

Emanuele Rapisarda

#Work better, achieve your #goals and be satisfied. My mission. My passion.

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