CORE², a powerful tool for lean reputation development

Today the traditional concept of work is changing rapidly and our relation with it is evolving as well.
Identity and Reputation are today one of the biggest opportunities professionals have, because they represent a new “currency” and key asset. Reputation is a long process. You have to invest time and energy in it. You have to be coherent and constant.

From these certainties the CORE² was born, a tool designed to support systematic work of professionals and organisations in the development of their operational reputation.

The CORE² is an iterative and useful guide for those who want to evolve and it’s made up of four quadrants:

You are focused to work on the key abilities of your knowledge and your experience.

You identify which relationships are really important to you, the connections that help you to evolve.

You are concentrated to learn how you can contribute to the community growth with your knowledge and your experiments with other people, sharing your vision and putting your work at the service of others.

The best feedback for your contribution is then its level of resonance within your relationships. This closes the circle nudging you towards evolving your competences furthermore.

We are working a lot on this tool, testing it and collecting feedback from reality.
For this reason we organised talks, workshops, chats.

In particular we coordinated this hangout, with amazing people: Claudia Pellicori, Ariadna Esteve, Dawna Jones, Paul Tolchinsky, Roxana Mocanu, Simona Lanzoni and Stelio Verzera. The goal was to listen to different points of view from people from all around the world and with different experiences, high level professionals with expertise in individuals and companies.

We have seen that the CORE² approach is useful to many different people: those who want to evolve and to be aligned with their identity, those who have lost the will and passion to grow, those who are not aware of where they are and where they want to move, those who don’t know how to focus and how to use their strengths.

And many other aspects we want to discover, so we are ready to open this lab to work together on new experimentations and developments!

Claudia Pellicori

Claudia loves working with organisations and people for the evolution of their reputation and connection with stakeholders. She carefully and strategically helps them in surfacing their most important skills, in the selection of the best tools and channels of communications and in an iterative process of relationship building. Claudia has already applied these skills in a very wide variety of contexts, from structured enterprises to startups and the organisation of national and international events. She believes in continuous personal and professional improvement and in the constant research for enriching experiences. Claudia is a founding member of Cocoon Projects and certified facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method.

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