Organisation Design initiatives between Italy and the UK

Several initiatives enriched our Organisation Design lab during the past months, here the most relevant!

Organisation Design 2nd Italian Meetup

For our second Italian meetup we chose a location based on participants’ preferences, and the choice was tough because Milan and Rome were head-to-head! In the end the “Eternal City” won, so we held the meetup in our headquarters, in the form of a Lean Coffee. We were less people than the first meeting, but this allowed us to go deeper and be more pragmatic.

We discussed about what kind of things we can do to improve and give a reply to one of the focuses emerged during our first meeting: to put into practice methodologies and opportunities for live growth. We took also time to think seriously and personally about what each one of us can do to enable themselves and give the best contribution, sharing our personal knowledge on the topic to find existing solutions (e.g. courses or events) or maybe even invent new ones.

We agreed there is a strong need for some basic courses, because in Italy – unlike other parts of the world – there is no awareness about Organisation Design. This gap, on the other hand, creates new opportunities because there is so much to explore and we can learn from the best.

Organisation Design in Italy is something strange: even people that actually do it everyday do not realise that it is a proper discipline and do not know how to call it! Consequently, when they discover that it is a “real thing”, something they can cultivate and learn about, they are incredibly pleased for the a-ha moment and want to evolve it.

We still miss an Italian point of view about Organisation Design, and we firmly believe that all of us have a serious and nice opportunity to give life to it, just by sharing our experiences. There are a lot of ways to do it (videos, articles, podcasts and so on) that you can of course share on our Linkedin group (Organisation Design and Development Italia), where you can already find some useful books to read and videos to watch.

Adaptive Organisation Design in London

We also organised an Adaptive Organisation Design masterclass in London, held by Stelio Verzera from Cocoon Pro and Nick Richmond from our UK partner Tricordant.

To remain competitive, an organisation needs to remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment. Adaptive Organisation Design enables people to reorganise the way they work and the organisation to rapidly adapt and thrive.

During this interactive and powerful 2-day course, the participants explored Adaptive Organisation Design using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. At first the focus was on understanding what an adaptive organisation really is, why and when it is a good thing to pursue it and the principles behind it. Afterwards, the second part of the masterclass was dedicated to explore how it is possible to realize such an organisation, both from the human system perspective and from the organisation designer perspective.

What’s next?

In October there will be events where some/all of us will be:

  • 18th and 19th in Madrid – The Choice Conference,“The role of business choices in shaping a better future”.
  • 25th and 26th in London – EODF Conference 2019, “Designing and leading technology enabled organisations”.

Moreover, we are working to organise in Italy a masterclass about the basis of Organisation Design and, of course, a new meetup for the community.

It would be nice to meet you in some of these occasions.

Follow us also on LinkedIn and stay tuned for more updates!

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